Power in Partnership

Umoja Partnership works through local partnerships because we believe local ownership is fundamental to the social change process. We also believe that we have a multiplier effect by acting in partnership.

By sharing resources, knowledge, and experience, we can have a more significant impact in the short term and work to build stronger families and communities for the future.

In Kenya, our partners people who live in the area and have a stake in creating the conditions their children need to thrive. Through these partnerships, Umoja reaches children directly while involving parents, teachers, local government, and larger systems in upholding children’s access to education, nutrition, safety, health, and more. These partnerships ensure that we respond in locally relevant ways to the challenges of growing up in poverty.

In the U. S. we work in partnership too. We garner our strength through like-minded people and groups who care about food security and education equity. Does this sound like you? We would love to come to talk to your group, congregation, or school about what we do, why we do it, and how you can get involved! Email UP to schedule a time today! 

“I am a widow and I have five orphans I take care of. Many organizations have come to our area promising to help our children with food support. Some stayed for one month. Others for two months. Others three months. Up to a year. They all have failed to keep their promises. Umoja came and has stayed with us always. While my children are at school where they also get food for lunch, I can work more time on other people’s farms trying to save some little money to buy their dinner.”

- Mama Doris

Former student, graduate of Kisii University with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology