School Services

“Challenges makes life interesting. But overcoming them makes life more interesting. And all along, with the help of Umoja, I’ve come this far. I was doing my studies, but I was not sure where the secondary fees would come from or whether I would join the university. But here I am… I’m going to university.”

— Lorite, Umoja student

What the Umoja Project Provides

Tuition Assistance

Providing tuition assistance makes secondary school an attainable goal for students who achieve academic standards. Our tuition assistance supplements government tuition programs in Kenya.

University Students

The Umoja Project also provides tuition support for post-secondary colleges and universities. Currently, we have 55 scholars attending some form of continued education. Among our 49 alumni, Umoja has educated nurses, pharmacist, nutritionists, electric and civil engineers, psychologists, teachers, and other disciplines.

Providing Basic Needs

Supplying basic needs removes distraction and creates opportunities to build children’s confidence. Our staff in Kenya delivers good to students such as uniforms and school supplies for primary school students, sanitary towels for adolescent girls, which allows them to attend school regularly, blankets, solar lamps to study after dark, and other basic necessities.

Proven Impact of These Programs

  • Consistently increase number of students attending primary, secondary, and post-secondary
  • Better career opportunities for those who complete education past elementary/middle (primary) school
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem when basic needs are met
  • Provides a path to independence and financial security for themselves and their family

60 students were provided with college tuition in 2020

annual cost of tuition for a high school student

cost of university tuition

1,370 students receiving additional needs support