Removing Academic Barriers: How blankets, lamps, and uniforms help students

Learn About Essentials for Umoja Students

Our mission is to keep children in school in Kenya. In addition to our food security and school services, the Umoja Partnership also provides additional resources as needed for students – removing daily obstacles so they can focus on their studies.

Our staff in Kenya provide these essentials as they work on a case-by-case basis with our students:

  • Uniforms and school supplies for primary school students
  • Sanitary towels for adolescent girls, which allows them to attend school regularly; undergarments for boys
  • Blankets and other basic necessities 
  • Solar lamps to study after dark

These services remove distraction and have proven to aid academic performance; additionally, they provide opportunities to build children’s confidence. Link Teachers at each partner school help us identify the particular needs of students and their families.

By providing these essential items, Umoja Partnership instills confidence in these students and helps them focus on their schoolwork, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability.

Pray for the Project

That the Umoja Partnership can supply as many children and households as possible with provisions to meet basic needs, enabling our students to stay in school.

The Power of $250

A donation of just $250 can pay for an entire year of secondary school tuition!